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masters_of_wedding_photography_UK award photo bride bouquet toss bridesmaid catch catching caught happy smiling Masters of Wedding Photography UK & IE, Round 6 – 2017

International Wedding Photography Awards for documentary wedding photographer Surrey

My dad always says: “If you don’t tickle yourself every once in a while, you’ll never laugh…” So here we go: my very first gloat-post on this blog as an award-winning wedding photographer Surrey :-). And although my customers’ reviews and appreciation will always be my number one priority (nothing beats the feeling you get from reading a 5-star client review – scroll down for the reviews (sorry, most of them in Dutch), I have to admit that is is really nice to also be recognised – and awarded – by your fellow wedding photographers! People that have paved the way, set some awesome trends and that you look up to and hope to meet one day… the true rock-stars of wedding photography.

Following is an overview of the international wedding photography awards I have been lucky enough to receive from 2014 till now, you can read more on the various photography associations I am a part of and the way they conduct their competitions by scrolling down. Every first award-winning image of that specific organisation had a bit of explanation written above it, but in short, these are the international wedding photography associations I am a part of:
Fearless Photographers,
This is Reportage (TiR),
Masters of Wedding Photography UK & IE (now),
Masters of Wedding Photography NL, BE & LUX (before),
International Wedding Photography Directory MyWed
and the Dutch Bruidsfoto & Film Award, where I was awarded first place in the “Flower girls & Page boys” category two years in a row, 2015 and 2016.
I am proud to say I am currently ranking #3 in the Fearless Photographers classification of South East England Wedding Photographers and at #12 out of 50 for the Masters of Wedding Photography UK & IE for 2018, yay!

In the summer of 2017 I was awarded 15th place in the category “Emotional Impact” of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers with this image – one of my favourites from last year.
international_society_of_professional_wedding_photographers award photo bride groom tears happiness emotion emotional impact ceremony handkerchief drying dry eye eyes black_white
Before that – still all in 2017, I was lucky enough to receive a whopping four awards from the Masters of Wedding Photography UK & IE, the last one winning also the category “Flower girls & Page boys” (Bruidskinderen) of the Dutch 2016 Bruidsfoto & Film Awards:-)
masters_of_wedding_photography_UK award photo bride groom ginger toller dog looking grumpy look salmon coloured shoes socks tie

masters_of_wedding_photography_UK award photo bride face mirror reflection uncle_bob taking picture black_white

masters_of_wedding_photography_UK award photo getting ready bride wedding dress dog on bed looking sad

masters_of_dutch_wedding_photography bruidsfoto_film award church wedding flower girl ssst shush page boy black_white
The third Fearless Award I received was for an image that pretty much summed up the craziness of the 2016 wedding season… penguins at the church, right?! Just before the third one I received my second Fearless Award for an image that is very dear to me (and to the bride) and kinda sums up what it is all about on the wedding day…
fearless wedding photography award three penguins penguin standing on wedding dress bride entrance church door groom

fearless wedding photography award grandma nan bride embrace hug black_white
When I was still competing with the Masters of Wedding Photography in the Netherlands I has the honour of receiving two award within a relatively short space of time, both images still make me laugh to date ;-)
masters_of_dutch_wedding_photography award wedding photo butterfly release landing flower girl eye

masters_of_dutch_wedding_photography award wedding photo mirror reflection wedding dress bride
Back in 2015 I had the honour of winning the “Flower girls & Page boys” (Bruidskinderen) category of the Dutch Bruidsfoto Awards for the first time, what an honour! I still love this image so much and I know the parents of this flower girl do too…
bruidsfoto award wedding photography flower girl peeking through front door glass
My very first award – ever – was a Fearless Photographers Award. I can’t begin to describe how that felt… kind of like total elation perhaps? An amazing feeling that I was lucky enough to experience two times after that and I hope maybe a few more in the future…
fearless wedding photography award bouquet toss black_white bridesmaid catch bridesmaids catching happiness laughter arms up in air cheer
For more award-winning images, check out the “Awards” category on my blog page.
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